Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

Mother Of The Bride HairstylesThe mother of the bride is the other leading lady in the wedding day proceedings and so a great deal of thought will undoubtedly go into her wedding day style as well as the bride’s. A mother of the bride has probably been dreaming about this day ever since her little girl was born and will want to look as beautiful as she has always imagined her daughter to look as she walks down the aisle. So how should the mother of the bride style her hair on the happiest day of her daughters’ life?

Whether it’s a pile of stunning curls or playing it straight and simple, the mother of the bride’s hairstyle should complement the bride’s perfectly. It’s a hard balance to strike between looking special and standing out from the crowd without outshining the bride. The bride’s hairstyle should be the real show-stopper but the mother of the bride’s hairstyle should be something special too. Both ladies have a special part to play in the day and so the hairstyles that they choose should reflect this perfectly.

Mother Of The Bride HairstylesA mother of the bride will look great with a stylish fascinator, hat or decorative hair piece but this will impact on what hairstyle will work. With hats in particular it’s really important to think about how the chosen hairstyle will look once the reception begins and it’s time to take the hat off. If the mother of the bride has short hair this is a great option as shorter styles can be more difficult to dress up as you don’t have the length to make more elaborate hairstyles work. With a bit of creativity short mother of the bride hairstyles don’t have to be boring in the slightest.

For long hair, a chic chignon is a classic wedding hairstyle favourite for the mother of the bride. This is a timeless classic that looks great on all hair colours and face shapes, plus it will compliment any bridal hairstyle as well as transferring from ceremony to reception beautifully. If you prefer to get the best of both worlds, another mother of the bride favourite is a half up – half down curled hairstyle.

The bond between mother and daughter is never more important than the day her beautiful daughter becomes a bride. A mother of the bride hairstyle should be a stunning reminder of just how special she is in her daughter’s eyes, not just on her wedding day, but every day of her life.