Baby Portrait Photography

Baby Portrait PhotographyOnce your little bundle of joy enters the world you might be thinking about how best to record those precious newborn moments. It’s amazing how quickly babies grow, one minute they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and the next they are crawling, walking and getting into absolutely everything! We know you’ll never want to forget that sweet, chubby face or those tiny fingers and toes but it’s hard to take it all in when they are growing so quickly. Baby portrait photography is the perfect way to capture some beautiful images with your newborn while they are still tiny.

Baby portrait photography can be whatever you want it to be, we love to take a mix of images of your baby on its own and some with the proud Mum and Dad as well. Whether it’s a newborn shoot that takes your fancy or if you want to wait until your baby is slightly older, you can rest assured that we have years of experience photographing children and babies. There’s nothing more precious than a baby portrait photography session, the images are always so heart-warming and make great keepsakes and gifts for the whole family.

Baby Portrait PhotographyBabies are only babies for such a short space of time which is why baby portrait photography is so magical. It’s incredible to encapsulate your little one’s first days for you to treasure forever and share with them when they are older. Babies are so perfect that the photographs cannot fail to be anything less than beautiful beyond words.

Some parents prefer to wait until their baby is slightly older before they book a portrait photography session. Once baby has started holding its head up, smiling and crawling you get a completely different kind of shoot. It really is hard to decide what is more heart-warming, a contented, sleeping newborn or a cheeky six-month old sharing a beautiful smile.

One of the most popular poses for baby portrait photography that we absolutely love is the quintessential baby on tummy pose. There’s nothing cuter than a squidgy baby all curled up snoozing away blissfully and to capture this in a photograph creates an incredible, breath-taking image.  Another stunning shot that we use in our baby portrait photography sessions is an older sibling with a new baby brother or sister, the look of pride and happiness on their face is priceless.

If you ask us, something as precious as a new life deserves to be photographed to absolute perfection. Get in touch today to book your baby portrait photography with us today, before you know it your baby won’t be a baby anymore so let us help you treasure those precious moments forever.