Sometimes one picture just doesn’t cut it and that’s when you need a multiple image framed product that is able to show off a handful of photographs in all their glory.

Our decorative Art Block allows you to include an extra image that is printed on the background of the block for a truly dramatic effect. Or if you want to include even more images in your frame, the tiled Mosaic Bevel Print Block or the Mosaic Box Frame with it’s more 3D effect are both perfect for showing off several photographs in one place.

We always say you can never have too many photographs displayed in your home. With our multiple image frames you don’t have to agonise over which images to choose and with our Opus Acrylic Frame you can proudly display up to nine images in one unique ‘floating’ frame. Sometimes it’s too difficult to pick just one or even two, especially when the subject of the photograph is your children or loved ones.

Even if you just want to house a handful of photographs, we have our classic Trinity Frame and our Multi Box frame which will be just perfect for you.