Photographs are great for creating novelty gifts to give to your family and friends at Christmas, birthdays or other important occasions. We can provide photographic keyrings, fridge magnets and mouse mats for the perfect personalised gift that your family members can treasure forever.

With our 1.4 x 2” keyrings you’ll never want to lose your keys ever again. Why not carry around a reminder of some of your most precious memories? Whether it’s an image from your wedding day or a photo of your kids it is sure to look amazing on our high quality photographic paper.

Fridge magnets make great presents as they automatically have somewhere to go in the home and don’t take up a great deal of space. Every time your family member goes to get a drink or reaches for a snack they will be greeted by their grandchildren’s happy faces or their daughter’s beaming smile on the day of her big white wedding.

Photographic mouse mats are a great way to liven up even the dreariest of work spaces. We spend a great deal of time slaving away at our desks but earning a living doesn’t need to be a drag when you’ve got a stunning image on a durable wipe-clean mouse mat complete with non-slip backing.