Second Photographer To Attend Your Wedding £250

Second Photographer for the day

Second Photographer for the day

The beauty of having not one but two photographers at your wedding is that you can be sure that we won’t miss a single thing. An extra pair of hands is always so useful at a wedding where time seems to move so fast and beautiful moments are happening everywhere you look. It’s the one day where you really want to soak up every single little moment and so you want as many people as possible recording the magic as it unfolds.

When there’s two of us we can each be on the lookout for those priceless candid shots and the heartwarming moments we may have otherwise missed. It’s the smaller details that really shine through in a wedding celebration. Whether it’s the mother of the bride fussing with her daughter’s veil or the look of love on the groom’s face when he sees his partner for the first time, there are so many heartwarming moments to witness at a wedding.

We know that there are so many incredible images to capture at an occasion as momentous as a wedding day that aren’t all necessarily happening in the same place at the same time. This is why for only £250 extra we can provide a second shooter to snap up some extra priceless memories for you to have and to hold forever more. This works especially well for larger weddings where the guest list is longer and the wedding venue covers quite a distance.

Our main priority is ensuring that you are happy with your wedding photographs and with two sets of eyes and fingers on the shutter, there is double the chance that we will be able to capture all of the images you’ve always dreamed of. Special moments are fleeting and memories fade but capturing the look of love will last a lifetime.