Indoor Wedding Photography - ideal for a winter weddingWinter weddings can be wonderfully magical; with fresh snow on the ground outside a picture-perfect church, or glistening frost lining the trees in front of a country hotel.

A beautiful, crisp, sunny winter’s day is the ideal setting for your wedding day photographs, but we all know that the weather is not always as reliable as it could be.

So just what do you do when it’s a freezing cold day, or dull, wet and dreary outside? Don’t fear, we are not restricted to taking wonderful images in stunning landscapes. Indoor wedding photography can create memories that are just as stunning… and you don’t have to shiver in the cold or wear a raincoat over your wedding gown.

Indoor Wedding Photography | Occasions PhotographersRain on your wedding day may seem like a catastrophe, but you can trust us to always have a contingency plan.

We’ve photographed in every condition possible and we know how to make the most of the weather conditions that the day throws at us. If it’s raining heavily we can wait for a gap in the downpour to allow us to venture outside.  If the happy couple is willing, we can photograph them taking a romantic walk in the rain, under the cover of a bright, white umbrella. If it’s cold, you’ll have to cuddle up even closer during your couple shots; which will make your wedding pictures look even more romantic.

If the conditions outside are completely against us and we have to stay indoors, you can rest assured that the quality of your wedding album will not be jeopardised; we can create equally beautiful photographs inside and out.

If all of your wedding photographs will potentially need to be indoors, we will make the most of the pre-wedding meeting to plan for every weather eventuality. If you are considering a wedding venue but are not sure of its potential for beautiful wedding photos, just ask us. We may have photographed there before, and will happily show you some examples from our Indoor wedding photography gallery to ease your concerns.

If your venue has a spectacular interior,  then you may want to make the most of it whatever the weather. Some traditional English venues, such as country houses and historic hotels, are home to some of the greatest architecture in the world. We are fortunate enough to have so much culture and history throughout the country; sweeping stairways, grand drawing rooms, magnificent archways and wide, open hallways are commonplace throughout English architecture and make great backdrops for your wedding photos.

Indoor wedding photography, particularly in winter, allows for a picturesque, fairy-tale wedding album. Imagine elegant, candle-lit shots, or cosy pictures in front of an open fire. Whatever indoor wedding venue you choose, we will be able to use the features to our advantage.  After all,  it’s about capturing the essence of the day, the reason you are there. Even if the sun isn’t shining; your love for each other will undoubtedly light up each and every photo.